the stars will cry the blackest tears tonight (karatie_lips) wrote,
the stars will cry the blackest tears tonight

blha blah! im happy i found thi!

alright so im on and i clicked "search random word" and this is what came up, I SWARE I DIDNT DO IT.

Pull a Jake
1 vote

1. The act or dating a girl right after she dates your close friend or attempt thereof.
2. The act of dating a girl while she is currently dating your close friend.
3. Engaging in acts of foreplay with two different girls who are best friends on the same night at the same time.

1-2. GUY1: Remember last halloween, that was awsome... i was supposed to have a date with "Girl" but she blew me off.
GUY2: Wait a sec.. I had a date with "Girl" on halloween...
GUY1: WTF!!!

3. GIRL1: A threesome would be fun I think.
GIRL2: I wouldn't mind it at all.
GUY1: Umm... Sure, I'm up for it...
(Silence...GIRL2 leaves... GUY1 and GIRL1 get it on...GUY1 leaves with GIRL2)
GIRL2: Well, I still think your great...(GUY1 and GIRL2 get it on)
GUY1: That was awesome...

Source: Gene, Apr 9, 2004

this is public so anyone who abuses this public privilage aka. wants to start shit about it, you need to fuck yourselfs because i found this hilarious and i wouldnt want some dumb bitch spoiling my happyness right now. And its not from Prozac!
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